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I have a Beagle named Charlie and he's as solid as a best friend can get! We've been through a lot! I've had him since he was weened from his mother. I remember picking him up and he was tiny enough for me to hold in my hand as I drove home. Over the next few weeks he became my riding buddy, going everywhere I went as he would sit in the passenger seat, unable to see anything out of the windows because he was so small. He never made a sound. He would just sit and wag his tail and look at me.

Then one day I'm driving down the road and he's sitting over there in his seat quietly. I didn't have the radio on, and it had been silent inside the car for at least 20-30 minutes. Then all of a sudden...I heard the loudest yelp of a bark I had ever heard! It was so high pitched! I guess Charlie had decided that was his moment to say his first dog words. I think he even freaked himself out a little bit. I nearly swerved and wrecked from the sudden startle of his Beagle yelp. Keep in mind that I had never owned a Beagle before and had little idea of what a Beagle puppy sounded like, and Charlie had never made a sound up to this point, other than the occasional attempt at a playful growl.

When Charlie was around 3 years old I began to notice that he was having episodes that appeared to be a mini seizure mixed with nausea and severe ataxia. His little body would lock up and it was very difficult to watch because I didn't know what to do. The vets were unable to diagnose him with anything but did say that Charlie was likely experiencing a seizure. His episodes began to get worse to the point of occurring 1-2 times per week. I changed his diet and started to look into options for some type of treatment or anything that could help. I decided to start leaving him at home more so he could rest, which created some separation anxiety for both of us! Charlie's anxiety would cause him to whimper a lot or bark unnecessarily. And then it got to a point where he would constantly fidget with his paws. So with Charlie having his seizure episodes plus anxiety, I was becoming very worried!

So in 2013 I started to tinker with Cannabidiol (CBD). There was very little research available at that time and even less that pertained specifically to canines. But I noticed that Charlie's seizure episodes were occurring less often, and that he was exhibiting less anxiety. I increased the dosage and discovered a vet recommendation for a specific amount of CBD to give an animal, based on it's body weight. This allowed me to be more precise with my R&D phase of Product Development. As I began to dial in the dosage for Charlie, I started to notice an amazing decrease of seizure episodes and an amazing relief from his anxiety. There was less barking, less agitation, and less fidgeting!

Then in 2014 when Charlie was about 4 or 5 years old, the Farm Bill was introduced which allowed for the commercial production of hemp, and laid the foundation for what would become the Hemp Industry. Having an extensive history with the medical and recreational marijuana, and having already been a small business owner in the cannabis industry, I decided that if Charlie was getting positive results with using CBD then other dogs probably would too! So I created a CBD Brand that I knew would be positive and could help a lot of dogs. Because dogs are AWESOME!

It's easy to be so enthusiastic about the Hempy Pawz brand and their CBD products simply because of what I've witnessed from Charlie and his use of their products. Charlie takes his CBD Tincture twice a day, at the same time he eats, and he's been doing that every day ever since 2013. He's now 11 and has became an old fella, and is far less active than his days as a Beagle puppy. Charlie has had 2 seizure episodes over the past couple of years which is a huge difference from when he wasn't taking the CBD Oil. And his anxiety has lessened to a nearly non-existent state. He still has his anxious moments but, hey, he's a Beagle.

Charlie's had a very active lifestyle and has been from mountains to beaches and all in between. Now a days Charlie has an additional health concern that has caught up to him...arthritis. Many dog breeds are very prone to having arthritic issues, joint issues, and hip issues. Beagle, Labrador, German Shepard, and many other breeds will typically begin to experience these issues before they hit the age of 5 years old and the more active they are the sooner you'll notice the symptoms.

When Charlie started having issues with arthritis, I was able to notice because of his slight whimpers as he would get on and off the couch, or in and out of the chair, or up and down the stairs. Active dogs tend to wear out their joints from playing too hard, and many dogs will experience arthritis in their legs and hips. As we all know, arthritis related issues are a result of inflammation. And one of the great things about the cannabis plant is that it's packed full of anti-inflammatory properties, such as the cannabinoids “CBD” and it's precursor, “CBDA”.

So what the frick is a “Cannabinoid”? Cannabis plants come in various shapes, sizes, smells, flavors, etc. These different characteristics are a result of specific properties found inside that specific plant. So...take tomato plants for example. Some product small and sweet tomatoes. Some produce large tomatoes that are less sweet. And so on. But they're all still tomatoes, right? Well it's the specific properties inside each those plants that dictate how that specific tomato plant will exhibit it's characteristics. And it's very similar with cannabis plants.

Among the various groups of properties found within the Cannabis plant, you will find “cannabinoids”, “terpenoids”, “flavanoids”, and other categories of properties. Each category relates to a different function within. The group called “Cannabinoids” consists of CBD, CBDA, THCA, THC, CBGA, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDV, THCV, and many other cannabinoids. If a variety of the cannabis plant has less than 0.3% THC then it can be considered “hemp” by definition and can be used legally. Many cannabis growers have managed to identify specific varieties of the cannabis plant, that have less than 0.3% THC, but that are at the same time, abundant with other cannabinoids such as Cannabidiol (CBD).

So now you know where CBD comes from! Let's discuss how CBD Products are made, and how a plant that is abundant with CBD becomes a CBD Product! Once a “hemp” variety is identified as being abundant with CBD and less than 0.3% THC, it will be cultivated on a larger scale. The plants are harvested and then get processed into a consolidated form. Processing the crop of plants will take it from plant material (a.k.a. “bio-mass) to oil, and then the oil will often go through “post-processing” to become even more refined. By this point the plant matter has been eliminated and mostly all that is left are the cannabinoids that were in all of the plants. From here, the “extract” can be used to manufacture products such as Hempy Pawz CBD Oil For Dogs!

When shopping for CBD Products For Your Dog, make sure you're buying from CBD Brands and Hemp Companies that utilize a commercial facility and food safe setting when manufacturing their CBD Products. Companies such as Hemp Industries of Tennessee, LLC and Hemp Industries of Colorado, LLC not only use a commercial, food safe setting while manufacturing their CBD Oil For Dogs and other CBD Products, but they also use vigorous 3rd-party lab testing throughout their process in order to ensure their customers the highest quality of consistent CBD Dog Products, Cosmetic Skincare Products, and Edibles.

Initially, their commercial hemp crops are lab tested to ensure compliance with their State's Department of Agriculture as well as the USDA. After that, they process their hemp plants into a consolidated form of cannabinoids, and then analyze the hemp extract with lab testing in order to properly use the concentrate to formulate their products such as their Hempy Pawz Brand CBD Oil For Dogs. Once they use the cannabis extract to make a product in their commercial manufacturing facility, “Batch Samples” of the product are then sent to the lab for analyzing, in order to ensure consistency and allow for confirmation of the product's potency. In the case of Hempy Pawz Brand CBD Products, an additional “Batch Sample” gets sent directly to the Head Beagle In Charge. Once the Batch is “Charlie-Approved” it gets sent off to wholesale customers and is made available on the Hempy Pawz Online CBD Store!

So now that we've covered what CBD is and how it is used to make CBD Products, let's touch on the subject of what CBD can do for your dog and how it might help your furry best friend! I've mentioned my personal experiences with giving CBD to my dog for anxiety, seizures, and arthritis...but apparently CBD is also good for specific scenarios like 4h of July and New Year's Eve! It's common sense that most dogs don't actually enjoy loud sounds such as a night full of fireworks. Dogs and fireworks just don't mix! You can usually tell by either the barking, or the shaking, or the fidgeting once the fireworks begin. Did you know that by giving your dog CBD Oil earlier that day, it can help your dog to remain calm and endure the frightening loud sounds? What about CBD, Dogs, and Thunderstorms? Yeah that's not a good mix either! Even the biggest dogs can become your lil thunder buddy once a thunderstorm and lighting takes place. And a lot of times your dog can sense the weather before it arrives, and will start experiencing some anxiety prior to the storm taking place. So the next time you see the fireworks stands setting up on the side of the road, or the next time you check the weather and notice some thunderstorms headed your way, remember to stock up on some CBD For Dogs!

In addition to CBD Oil helping dogs with the previously mentioned issues, I've also talked with people who have used CBD to help their dog with skin irritation. One particular person said they use Hempy Pawz CBD Oil For Dogs as a skin topical which resulted in a great conversation about her dogs itching and how CBD may be a good way to manage your dog's itchy skin. She said that her Miniature Poodle Mix was having an issue with skin allergies from the grass in her yard. I too once had a dog a long time ago...she was a Border Collie mixed with Golden Retriever...that would get bad grass allergies in the Spring months. Unfortunately, there was very little knowledge of CBD way back then, and certainly no CBD For Dogs. Nonetheless, the person I was speaking with praised Hempy Pawz for the results she was getting when using their CBD Oil as a skin topical on her lil doggy.

Now that the commercialization of the industrial hemp industry is well underway, there is now a lot more research that has been accomplished and plenty of sources online that cover specific health related uses for CBD For Dogs. Are you a dog owner who uses CBD for your dog or pet? Share your experience and let me know! Sharing experiences and information is crucial to the forward momentum of the hemp industry and it can also help other people to help their furry best friends!

But maybe you haven't used CBD yet. Maybe you want to try and see if CBD helps your dog, but you're unsure what CBD Product to get for your dog, and maybe you're a little unsure of how to shop CBD products. Are you asking yourself, “What is the Best CBD for my dog?” Or, “What type of CBD Product should I get for my dog?” Well keep in mind that the reason for utilizing the benefits of CBD is to help your dog's health related issue. My best advice is to make sure that you “Keep It Simple” in regards to the type of CBD Product you buy. You want to help your dog, not cause other issues. So make sure the CBD Product has minimal ingredients and a clear explanation of dosage and potency (milligrams of CBD). The less ingredients, the better it will be for your dog. An example of a CBD Product for dogs that has minimal ingredients, is Hempy Pawz CBD Oil For Dogs. There is literally two ingredients in the bottle. Using a product with minimal ingredients will ensure that your dog won't experience any negative side effects such as digestive issues or nausea. It also helps to ensure that your dog doesn't ingest any ingredient that isn't good for dogs, or that is unnecessary for dogs to ingest. No artificial flavorings, no sugars, no fillers, no preservatives, etc. Many of these unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients can be found in many CBD Treats For Dogs that are currently on the market which sometimes makes me question, “Are CBD Treats For Dogs Safe?”. That's why I personally stay away from buying the treats. Instead I like to make small batches of homemade dog treats, and use the Hempy Pawz CBD Oil For Dogs in the recipe to infuse the treats. But that's usually on special occasions that I infuse the dog treats. Most of the time I just do non-infused dog treats. By simply dropping Hempy Pawz CBD Oil For Dogs onto my dog's food twice a day is simple, and allows me to easily keep tabs on the dosage or milligrams (mg) of CBD that I'm giving my dog on a daily basis. Another problem with many of the CBD Dog Treats that are out there on the market, is that they usually aren't made in a manner that allows the CBD Extract to be homogeneously mixed throughout the “dough”. Which makes it tough to know for sure, how many mg of CBD are in each and every dog treat. A CBD Oil Tincture for dogs doesn't offer this possible problem, because a tincture is made in a homogeneous way, that allows for each and every drop to contain the same exact dosage (mg) of CBD. “Homogeneous” formulation is one of the most important factors when manufacturing a product containing cannabinoids! Without homogeneous manufacturing, there can be a huge difference in actual potency of the product versus what the label says.

Another important criteria for shopping the right CBD Product for your dog, is ease of use. You don't want anything that will be complicated or that your dog doesn't want or enjoy. Typically, people who choose to give their dog CBD Oil will maintain a daily routine of doing so. So if you will be giving CBD Oil to your dog everyday, then you want something easy to use and easy to add to your already existing daily routine. You probably feed your dog at least twice a day, and probably around the same times everyday....right? Adding CBD Drops to your dogs food is easy to remember and easy to do, and will not add any additional factors to your dog's daily routine. While shopping your CBD Product to give your dog, you also want to make sure that it explains how to use the product with your pet. Dosage of CBD For Dogs is based on your dog's body weight, so you don't want to use a CBD Product that forces you to “wing it”.

If you plan to put some time into researching the CBD Brand that you intend to purchase from, make sure you check on their process. Many companies that sell CBD For Dogs are simply ordering CBD Oil from a random “manufacturer” without knowing anything about them or their validity, slapping a label on it, and reselling "their" CBD Products. If you truly care about your pet and consider your dog to be part of the family, then you'll likely take a little extra time to ensure you're getting the Best CBD Product for your dog. Brands such as Hempy Pawz have full control over the quality of their process, from plants to product! Quality Plants + Quality Processing + Consistent Manufacturing = Quality Product So when you're shopping CBD Oil For Dogs remember that a “quality in, quality out” process is very desirable to ensure a healthy lifestyle for your doggy!

I've mentioned numerous time that you can get quality made CBD Oil For Dogs that is for sale from the Hempy Pawz Brand, at their online CBD Store. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @HempyPawz

Hempy Pawz CBD For Dogs - "A Hempy Dog Is A Happy Dog!"

The great thing about when you buy CBD online from an Online CBD Store such as theirs, is that many times you can get their CBD Products on sale, and sometimes the online CBD stores offer FREE SHIPPING of your order! Which means you can relax and know that the BEST CBD For Dogs will arrive at your door! Maybe you're in Las Vegas or Reno areas? Or perhaps you're somewhere along the West Coast in areas such as San Diego and Los Angeles, California or Portland and Eugene, Oregon? Even if you're on the East side of the U.S., from Vermont to Miami.....the great thing about ordering CBD Oil online from a brand like Hempy Pawz is knowing that you don't have to settle for what's on the shelf. We have the ability to shop intelligently for the ones we love because after all, dogs are family! But that doesn't mean I don't support shopping in person at awesome local retail establishments. So I also want to mention a few retail shops that carry some quality CBD Products on their shelves, and can likely have a solid CBD Product for your dog. South Main Hemp & CBD, located in Downtown Memphis (Tennessee), is an awesome CBD Store that has a variety of great CBD Brands and Products that are for sale, and they certainly carry CBD Oil For Dogs that is made in a quality controlled environment. Nature's Health & Body in Ranson, West Virgina also carries some great CBD Products. Newton, Kansas has a great little CBD Shop called Suz CBD ReLeaf and she has some awesome CBD Products as well! Shopping at stores like these is a great way to help support small business owners and a local economy, all while helping the non-corporate members of the hemp industry (such as local farmers, manufacturers, and retailers) to compete in the marketplace!

Maybe you are a vet clinic or a dog groomer who likes to offer additional products to your clientele. Companies such as Hemp Industries of Colorado, LLC and Hemp Industries of Tennessee, LLC can offer wholesale pricing for you to be able and offer your customers a quality CBD Product to give their dogs and pets. They offer branded, white label, and private label solutions for their CBD Products and can certainly assist with Wholesale CBD For Dogs! For vets, offering CBD to your customers is a great way to provide more input and oversight of their dog's treatment plan. And it's a great way to expand your offering of treatment products to your clientele! Most importantly, it's an excellent way to be fully involved with the monitoring of the treatment plan which allows for better data collection, which is an important factor in what pushes the industry forward. If you're a veterinary clinic, having a full understanding of how CBD Products are interacting with your customers' dogs is a great way to build information that can then be used to help educate the general public and keep dogs living a happy and healthy lifestyle!

Do you have questions or comments about my blog? Let me know! Do you have a specific topic you would like me to blog about? Let me know!

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