Christmas Gift Ideas For Dogs

Need some Christmas gift ideas for the fur babies in your life? Let's not forget that dog's have amazing personalities and emotions just like we do! So don't forget to include doggies when doing your holiday shopping! Here's a few great gift ideas for any friends, family members, co-workers, or neighbors that have a dog!

Homemade Treats

There are a lot of foods that you can find around the kitchen or at the grocery store, that can be used to make yummy dog treats. Even though dogs have a different physiology that hoomans as well as a unique digestive system, they can still enjoy many of the same foods that we love to eat. Ingredients such as cooked pumpkin, cooked squash, cooked sweet potatoes, strawberries, green beans, plain popcorn, cooked chicken, bananas, carrots, apples, and many other foods can be used to make a delicious treat that will make any doggy feel happy and healthy! Simply use Google to search and find “homemade dog treat recipes” to start getting some great ideas, and feel free to experiment a little in order to customize your treats for certain doggies. Some might like this, some might like that. Try to keep your ingredients minimal! Typically, most dog treat recipes will require use of an oven or a food dehydrator, but I believe there are also a handful of decent “no bake” recipes for making homemade dog treats. Check out this chart I found on Pinterest that shows a list of foods that are good to use when making homemade dog treats, as well as some foods that you'll want to stay away from when making the dog treats.

Fun New Toys

Dog toys can make a great gift for many dogs! Some dogs prefer soft or stuffed animals that have the “squeaker” inside of them. And some dogs prefer the more durable toys such as rope segments or other types of “chew toys”. Heck, many dogs are perfectly happy with a new set of tennis balls to chase after. My dog likes the soft, stuffed animals but every time I give him a new one, he very quickly finds a way to rip off a piece of the toy and will proceed to pull out small shreds of stuffing. Once he does this, he is no longer interested in the new toy and I simply through all the pieces away. But for those 10 minutes while he is destroying the new toy, he's a very happy dog which makes the gift well worth it for each of us! Other types of more elaborate toys are also available, though, they can get pricey. Automatic ball throwers automatic treat dispensers are great for some dogs, while others might not offer any attention to them, making the gifts sort of pointless and an overall waste of money for some dogs.

Special Dinner

Dogs love food! As mentioned, dog treats can make a great gift and most recipes are pretty simple to follow. However, if you really want to treat a doggy then you might consider spending a little more time to make a delicious and healthy meal, or even numerous meals that can be safely stored. Many recipes for making a healthy dog dinner are easy to follow and many of the meals can even be stored in the refrigerator for a reasonable amount of time! Refer to the chart pictured above, of feel free to search online for “Healthy Dog Dinners”. Other terms to search include “Cooking For Dogs” and “homemade dog food recipes”. And it this gift is for your own dog, then maybe add in some added touches with the use of a bib, balloons, candle light, music, or anything else that might add enjoyment to your dog's special dinner gift.

Road Trip

It goes without saying that most dogs love a good car ride. And this time of year offers some great scenery for the fur babies. There's lots of Christmas lights and decorations to go see that can be enjoyed by the driver as well as the doggy! There are even places you can go that have treats for the dog such as many banks and Starbucks. And if you really want to make the car ride special, let your best bring a guest! Maybe your dog has a boyfriend or a girlfriend that they'd like to bring along! Other destinations can include a park or anywhere that you think your dog will enjoy.

Healthy Lifestyle

One of the best gifts to get your dog is through the acts of promoting a healthy lifestyle. As dogs get older they need to stay active to avoid immobility from issues such as arthritis or hip and joint conditions. It's best to incorporate healthy choices early in the dog's life to ensure he/she can remain comfortable as they live a long and happy life. Activity and diet play a key role in this outcome, and one thing you can do to further support their quality of life is through the use of health supplements for dogs such as the CBD oil made by our favorite brand of CBD dog products...the Hempy Pawz brand.

Daily use of Hempy Pawz CBD For Dogs ensures that the dog's Endocannabinoid receptors are being supplied with a sufficient amount of the proper phytocannabinoids that are found in the hemp plant. It's these plant based properties that help to prevent anxiety, prevent seizures, prevent cancer by normalizing cell growth, reduce inflammation that causes arthritis and bone conditions, and so much more. To learn how Hempy Pawz CBD Oil For Dogs can help your dog, CLICK HERE! To purchase Hempy Pawz CBD For Dogs online, CLICK HERE!

Another gift idea that can help to promote a healthy lifestyle for your dog is a kiddie pool. Many dogs love to swim and lounge in shallow water. If your dog loves to jump into lakes, swim in creeks, and play with the water hose then your dog is sure to enjoy a kiddie pool! And to add that extra touch, be sure to include a few toys for the pool!

Running and playing, or even walking is a great way to ensure a healthy lifestyle. If you happen to have some extra yard space (and assuming you don't already have a fenced yard), then installing some fencing to create a play area for your dog could be a great idea! You can even add cool props and toys to the area to make sure the dog can properly entertain some guests!

I hope you and your doggy have a great holiday season!

If you have some Christmas gift ideas for dogs then feel free to comment below and let us know what they are!

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